Personal Storage Units

Rent a storage unit for your home storage needs in Lubbock

Reclaim Your Personal Space!

Take back your space at home without getting rid of precious belongings.

Whether you are running out of room in your home or apartment or dealing with a major life change, the need for a personal storage solution is bound to arise. 

It's natural to collect things over time, but there comes a point when those things can clutter your living space, garage, attic, or basement.

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Why Choose a Storage Unit?

Moving to a new home or reclaiming your living space is easy when you invest a little in self storage. Self storage can be temporary or long-term, with simple move-in options and the peace of mind of knowing you alone control access to your belongings.

  • You keep the only keys to your locked space.
  • You insure your own personal property.
  • You receive a personal access code to open the facility gate.
  • You decide with a simple notice when you're ready to move out.

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